As your business grows, you require adaptive and scalable solutions that resolves your evolving business challenges. With our customized web services, we create fully integrated solutions that allow for the most efficient processes in managing your online presence.

  • Create Identity
  • Capture Market
  • Stand Unique

Key Features

Customized Work Flow

Your business, your way

  • Designed specifically for your company.
  • Owned by you.
  • Can incorporate features from other software.
  • Flexible and upgradeable.

Secure Web Solutions

Advance, Secure & Smart

  • Latest technology (ASP .NET, MS SQL SERVER, TELRIK)
  • Fully customizable.
  • Company branding as required.
  • Flexible , in-house deployment or 3rd party hosting.

Role based Management

Secure, authenticate & control

  • Optimize User access.
  • Secure organization date.
  • Enable or restrict particular access as required.
  • Track user access violations.

Task Scheduler

Plan ahead, stay organized

  • Launch tasks in response to system or application.
  • Schedule payment reminders and notifications.
  • Schedule automated predefined e-mails & alerts.
  • Schedule and run sysytem applications.

Centralized Solutions

Stay connected, be informed

  • No installation required.
  • Cost effective and reliable.
  • Fast and easy access to any data.
  • Secure and efficient.

Real Time Computing

Stay fast, stay ahead

  • Develop data-driven insights to improved decisions.
  • Model and simulate algorithms.
  • Integrate with other systems to work in real time.
  • Real time tracking of any process.